40 Unique Gifts for Quilters Who Have Everything

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Taking on the identity of “quilter” often comes with taking on a large stash of fabrics, notions, and tools to help make the quilting process simpler. After a person quilts for many years, they can seem to have it all. This makes it hard to think of something to buy for them that they don’t already have!

It can be especially challenging to shop for quilters because you may not know their preferred brands or what they already own.

I’ve compiled a list of 40 unique gift ideas for quilters. I’ve included some quilting notions but tried to keep it more broad so that there are items that aren’t specific to an individual’s taste or skill level.

If you’re not quite sure if the quilter in your life would like an item on this list, ask them! It may ruin the surprise but it’s better knowing they will use and love the gift versus having it sit in their sewing room never to be touched again.

Here’s a Table of Contents to help you navigate this page:
Gifts under $15
Gifts under $50
Gifts to Splurge On
Gifts for Yourself <– Hey, might as well shop for yourself while you’re here!
When all Else Fails

Unique Gift Ideas For Quilters Under $15

Amazing gifts don’t have to break the bank. Check out these affordable gifts for quilters that are all under $15!

Audible Subscription

Quilters spend hours cutting, pressing, and sewing and the hum of a sewing machine can get pretty monotonous.

Give the gift of learning and entertainment while quilting with Audible!

You can purchase the subscription and it’ll get sent directly to the lucky quilter in your life.

Gift an Audible Membership.

Quilt Themed Soap

Yep, you read that right. Quilted soap! Possibly the most unique gift on this list, quilted soap is a fun and practical gift.

I love this as a stocking stuffer or a small gift for the quilter who has it all (you know the one!).

Soap Escape has dozens of different styles and scents, so be sure to check out their shop for more!

Shop quilted soap by Soap Escape on Etsy.

By The Yard 2024 Wall Calendar

Give the gift of humor with this wall calendar filled with comics just for quilters.

By The Yard brings laughs and quilting together with their sometimes too-relatable comics.

The quilter in your life will love looking at this in their sewing room and it’s a practical gift that will actually get used!

Shop By The Yard on Etsy.

Modern Quilting Coloring Book

Although we quilters could spend every moment in the sewing room, sometimes it’s nice to take a break and indulge in a new craft.

This Modern Quilting Coloring Book by Stephanie Sliwinski is the perfect gift for the artistic quilter in your life.

The beautiful pages bring quilting inspiration and a creative outlet that anyone can take part in.

Shop the Modern Quilting Coloring Book on Amazon.

Wooden Quilt Block Ornaments

These wooden ornaments have space in the middle to place fabric so they are super customizable!

You can buy them individually or as a full set. OldMountainCraftsNC has dozens of different options!

Shop these wooden customizable ornaments on Etsy.

Value Viewer

Whipstitch Handmade created this genius tool to help quilters determine the value of their fabrics.

Look at your fabric through the tool and easily see which ones are lighter and darker.

Creating a scrappy quilt that has balance can be a challenge, but these Value Viewers make it easy!

Get it now on Etsy.

Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are a fun and decorative way to enhance a quilters sewing room.

They can display these pins in their space or tack them onto a jacket or purse to wear out into the world to let everyone know that they sew!

These are sure to bring a smile to any quilters face.

Shop these pins on FleecefunShop’s Etsy page!


Quilting stickers are a great affordable gift! The inside jokes and tongue-in-cheek sayings are super fun.

Put them on a water bottle, in a sewing room, or even on a sewing machine!

There are endless options of quilting-related stickers out there but I love Whipstitch Handmade’s selection in their Etsy shop.

Stash ‘n Store

Staying organized is key when quilting, and nothing is worse than losing your pen or snips mid-project. Give the gift of organization with this Stash n Store.

The flexible silicone pockets allow storage for all different types of tools. Stash ‘n Store’s come in two sizes (the large one is pictured) and several different colors.

Shop on Fat Quarter Shop’s website.

Needle Minder

Enamel needle minders are not only adorable, but they are extremely useful!

A sewing needle will stick to the magnetic surface which means it’ll never get lost. These are great for quilters that hand quilt or hand bind their quilts.

I have this sewing machine one designed by Flamingo Toes and I love it!

Shop Needle Minders at Fat Quarter Shop.

Quilt Strap Carrier

I love it when a tool comes along that you never knew you needed. This quilt strap carrier allows you to easily carry a quilt without all the fuss.

Simply roll it up, slide the straps on, and go! Perfect for those who like to bring quilts with them on hikes or picnics! Or for traveling with quilts!

Get the Quilt Strap Carrier at Fat Quarter Shop.

Magnetic Scissor ID Labels

Three pairs of scissors with labels saying paper, fabric, and thread respectively.

Make sure EVERYONE knows which scissors are the fabric scissors with these ID labels.

They are magnetic and come in a pack of 3 so all of your scissors can be labeled for yourself, but also for others.

Keep the scissor confusion away with these Scissor ID labels by Fat Quarter Shop!

Lip Balm

Help the quilter in your life indulge in a little self care with these adorable quilt-themed lip balms.

They come in a few different colors and would make a great stocking stuffer or small addition to a gift basket.

Get it at Fat Quarter Shop!


Dry hands can be a nightmare when doing a hands-on craft like quilting.

A challenging part of fending off dry hands is finding a moisturizer that doesn’t leave a greasy residue. Greasy residue can wipe off on fabric or sewing machines which is not good!

This Udderly Smooth hand cream absorbs fast and has no greasy residue.

Shop at Fat Quarter Shop!


Help the quilter in your life stay organized with these Alphabitties.

They are small squares that you can use to label fabric pieces for projects.

This is perfect for the quilter who loves to follow patterns and make quilts with many small pieces. I love mine (and can never have too many)!

Get it at Fat Quarter Shop.

Magnetic Needle Case

This needle case will help keep all of their needles organized.

When you open the case, the bottom half is magnetic so the needles will stick there with ease.

Great for on-the-go hand quilting or for a place to put old needles before you’re able to dispose of them!

Get it at Fat Quarter Shop.

Quilt Block Magnets

Add a little quilty decor to their sewing room (or kitchen!) with these quilt block magnets.

I love the detail in these and it’s a fun way to add some quilty goodness to a space.

Shop these quilty magnets on Etsy.

Spray Bottle

Spray bottles are a staple in the sewing room! Whether they’re used for spray starch or just for water, this spray bottle is a nice upgrade.

The continuous spray will limit wrist fatigue and make the spraying process faster than ever!

Don’t worry about them already having one because a second (or third!) is always appreciated!

Get it at Fat Quarter Shop.

Unique Gift Ideas for Quilters Under $50

Electric Mug Warmer

Everyone knows a warm beverage cools quickly in the sewing room because your hands are too busy to drink!

Make sure your favorite quilter always has a warm drink with this electric mug warmer.

This mug warmer keeps beverages at the perfect drinking temperature so there will never be a cold cup of coffee in the sewing room again!

Check out this mug warmer on Amazon.

Quiltissential Planner

Have a planner lover in your life? This Quiltessential planner is an undated yearly planner that is made just for quilters!

The pages help keep track of to-do’s and progress. Plus there are project-specific pages to keep things organized through each quilting project.

Shopping for a quilter who has it all? I guarantee they don’t have this!

Shop the Quiltessential planner at Sylvia Rachella’s shop on Etsy.

Quilting Books

Quilters LOVE books and these two are some of my favorite options for gifting.

Walk by Jacquie Gering helps quilters master their walking foot and provides a ton of inspiration for quilting on a domestic machine. Perfectly Pieced Quilt Backs by Kelly Young shows quilt backing inspiration and how-to’s.

My favorite part about these books is that the skills and techniques can be used for every quilt!

Get Walk by Jacquie Gering on Amazon.
Get Perfectly Pieced Quilt Backs by Kelly Young on Amazon.

Tailors Clapper

A Tailors Clapper is a tool that should be in every experienced quilter’s arsenal.

This block of wood absorbs heat and helps seams stay flat. Simply place it on the seam after it’s pressed to see the magic!

Shop Tailor’s Clappers at Fat Quarter Shop.

Ruler Holder

Quilting rulers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes which can cause a headache when it comes to storage.

This ruler holder can help keep rulers organized on a tabletop while also keeping them within arm’s reach!

Get this Ruler Rack at Fat Quarter Shop.

Quilt Puzzle

A quilt theme puzzle is great for those days when getting into the sewing room isn’t possible.

Plus when it’s finished it can be transformed into wall art!

Shop quilt-themed puzzles on Amazon.

Quilt Block Mug

Every quilter needs a drinking vessel to keep with them while they sew. These quilt block mugs are adorable and super high quality!

Get the mug on Etsy!

Bamboo Quilt Block Coasters

These adorable quilt block coasters would be a great addition to any home.

The subtle pattern will blend into any type of decor and will look great in any room, not just the sewing room!

Get the coasters at Fat Quarter Shop.

Notebook Set

Quilters love taking notes and having a designated notebook for all of the quilty plans, math and pattern adjustments is perfect!

This 3 pack of notebooks is a gift that is sure to get used!
Get the notebooks at Fat Quarter Shop.

Gifts to Splurge On

Sometimes a smaller gift isn’t enough to show how much you love the special quilter in your life. If you want to go big, check out these gift ideas that are worth the splurge!

Although it can ruin the surprise, I recommend checking in with the quilter before making a big purchase. You wouldn’t want to gift them with something they already own or something they won’t use!

Quilt Display Solutions

Gift the quilter in your life with a quilt display solution so they can keep their quilts displayed instead of tucked away in a closet. These two simple solutions are perfect for any home.

The Quilt Keeper (left) hangs over the back of a door and a Quilt Ladder (right) can be propped up in any room. Helping a person display their art is an amazing gift!

Shop The Quilt Keeper on Fat Quarter Shop.
Shop Blanket Ladders on Amazon.

Oliso Auto Lift ProPlus Iron

Yellow Oliso Iron with a white background.

Oliso is known for their irons and this Auto Lift ProPlus Iron is coveted among quilters.

This ergonomic smart iron will lower when it’s being handled and rise when it’s resting. It’s almost magic!

The auto shut-off, large water tank, and 360-degree swivel cord are other popular features. It comes in several colors, too!

Shop Oliso Irons at Fat Quarter Shop.

Electric Quilt 8

Electric Quilt 8 product photo.

EQ8 is a quilting program made specifically for quilters. Use the digital program to design quilts, test out different fabric placement,s and do all of the math for you.

Treat the quilter in your life and invest in this design software that they’ll use forever!

Learn more about EQ8.

Gift Card for Longarm Quilting Services

You’ll need a little insight before purchasing this gift, but it’s a good one!

See if you can purchase a gift card or credit to your quilters longarmer!

Longarm services can be expensive and this is a gift that any quilter would LOVE!

If you don’t know where they get their quilts quilted, gift them a DIY gift certificate that’s good for 1 future longarm service!

Stella LED Task Lamp

Pink Stella LED Task Lamp against a white background.

Good lighting is key when quilting and this little desk lamp packs a punch. It is BRIGHT and has raving reviews.

I don’t know any quilter who couldn’t use a little extra light when working on their projects.

Shop Stella Lighting at Fat Quarter Shop.

Creative Grids Stripology XL Ruler

This is one of the few notions I’ve included in this list because it is a MUST-HAVE.

This ruler is a bit pricey but is game-changing when cutting fabric. The ruler allows you to cut multiple strips at a time and makes the cutting process super easy.

You can get the Stripology Ruler at Fat Quarter Shop.

Gifts For Yourself

If you’re a quilter yourself, I hope this list is inspiring your wish list! Here are a few items that would be a great way to treat yourself!

Quilt Kit

Fat Quarter Shop offers all types of quilt kits and you’ll be sure to find one that catches your eye.

Treat yourself to an all-in-one project to help take the thinking out of choosing fabrics and a pattern!

Shop Quilt Kits at Fat Quarter Shop.

Subscription Box

A subscription box is a gift that keeps giving and I love the Sew Sampler Box by Fat Quarter Shop.

I’ve gotten so many amazing notions and fabric from this little monthly subscription box! It’s amazing.

Get the Sew Sampler Box at Fat Quarter Shop.

Fabric Color Chips

Uplevel your fabric color cards and purchase these fabric color chips! There’s a magnetic option so you can hang them in your space.

These chips will help you create color schemes for your quilts and make a beautiful wall decor in your sewing room!

Shop color chips on WovenAndWoolly’s Etsy shop.

Magazine Subscription

This quarterly modern quilting magazine is jam-packed full of patterns, tutorials, articles and fun tips.

It’s completely digital which makes it easy to access at any time and now they have an app to make it even easier!

Buy an annual subscription and get a gift that lasts all year long!

Purchase a subscription on Modish Quilter Magazine’s website.

Iridescent Ruler

Upgrade your ruler game with Whipstitch Handmade’s iridescent rulers!

These would look great in your sewing space plus it’ll make the cutting process a little more fun when you’re looking at these amazing rulers!

Get this ruler at Whipstitch Handmade’s Etsy shop.

Quilty Merch

Add a few quilt-themed pieces to your wardrobe with the merchandise from Modish Quilter Magazine.

Shop this sweatshirt and more quilty merch at Modish Quilter Magazine.

And When All Else Fails…

Get a Gift Card!

Digital mock up of a Fat Quarter Shop Gift Certificate.

One thing that a quilter will always use is money for new fabric and notions.

A gift card may not seem like a personalized gift, but in some ways, it’s the most personalized because the person can buy whatever they want!

My favorite online quilting store is Fat Quarter Shop. I purchase all of my fabric and notions from FQS and recommend them to everyone!

Shop gift cards at Fat Quarter Shop.

I hope this list has inspired you and I know there’s something here that the quilter in your life will love!

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