5 Ways to Gift Wrap a Handmade Quilt

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Gifting a handmade quilt is a major act of love. As quilters, we know how much time and energy goes into each of our quilts, so to receive one as a gift is super special.

When we think of gifts, we usually think of them gift-wrapped. The large size and soft texture of a quilt can make it a challenge to gift wrap in a visually appealing way. Trust me, I understand the struggle! The last thing we want to do is gift our quilt with it looking like a big lumpy mess.

In today’s post, I’m showing you how to gift wrap a quilt plus three fun ways that you can fold your quilt to prepare it for gifting!

How to Fold a Quilt for Gift Giving

1. Roll the Quilt

One of the easiest ways to fold a quilt for gift giving is to roll it. This is a great method if your quilt is on the smaller side. Rolling the quilt will prevent any deep-set wrinkles and it’s visually appealing. I highly recommend this method if you are gift-wrapping your gifts ahead of time because there won’t be any large wrinkles when the quilt is unrolled.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to roll a quilt:

Step 1: Fold the quilt in half. If your quilt is larger, you may need to fold it in thirds or quarters.

Step 2: Roll the quilt from one side to the other, similarly to how you roll up a sleeping bag.

2. Fold the Quilt with a Pocket

Including a pocket in the folding of your quilt is a great way to present your quilt to its recipient. The best part is that you can place a heartfelt card, quilt care instructions, and a color catcher into the pocket! This is the best way to fold your quilt if you don’t want to use any additional wrapping materials.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to fold a quilt with a pocket:

Step 1: Fold the short side down 8 inches, then place the folded flap and face of the quilt on the ground.

Step 2: Fold the quilt into thirds widthwise

Step 3: Fold the quilt into thirds lengthwise

Step 4: Tuck the bottom half of the quilt into the top folded half of the quilt.

Voila! Now you have a beautifully folded quilt with a built-in pocket. For an extra special treat, add in a book that the quilt recipient can read while snuggled under their new quilt!

3. Fold the Quilt on the Bias

how to fold a quilt

Folding the quilt on the bias is the best way to fold a quilt. This is how quilts should be folded for long-term storage because it prevents deep-set wrinkles and permanent creases in your quilt. I recommend using this folding technique if you are wrapping your gifts early or plan to place the wrapped quilt into a box.

If you need a quick refresh on how to fold your quilt on the bias, head over to this blog post.

How to Gift Wrap a Quilt

Here are five unique ways to gift wrap your quilt!

1. Tie a Folded Quilt with a Bow

This gift wrapping technique is super simple and looks fantastic. If you’re not worried about your quilt recipient unwrapping their gift, then this is the perfect option.

All you need to do is fold your quilt using one of the quilt folding methods above and tie a ribbon, yarn, or scrap fabric around the quilt into a bow. I love using a scrap of fabric from the quilt so the gift wrapping matches the quilt.

This straight-to-the-point quilt gift wrapping method is one of the easiest options because it requires no extra materials.

2. Use a Decorative Box

If you want your gift recipient to unwrap their gift, a simple decorative box is a great option. You can find decorative boxes at most large stores. My favorites are at JoAnn’s and Target.

Before you go shopping for your gift box, measure your folded quilt ahead of time. If your quilt is small, measuring won’t be as big of an issue. But if you are gifting a large throw, queen, or even king quilt, you’ll need quite a large box to fit your quilt.

This gift wrapping option is great for baby quilts and small throw quilts!

3. Place the Quilt in a Basket

Placing your quilt into a decorative basket is a simple and creative way to gift wrap your quilt. I love gifting items in baskets or buckets because it’s like two gifts in one! Target has some great options for trendy baskets that will fit quilts of all sizes.

If you want to get even more creative with your gift wrapping, roll your quilt and fill the extra space with some cozy extras like pajamas, slippers, and hot cocoa.

This is my preferred gift wrapping technique when gifting a quilt to an adult!

4. Wrap a Quilt with Wrapping Paper

While it may not be the neatest presentation, you have to admit that it is the most fun! If you’re not too worried about a professional look, fold up your quilt and wrap it with wrapping paper. This is a great option when you’re gifting a quilt to a child.

But, wrapping your quilt with paper doesn’t have to look messy. Make quick work of it by first placing the quilt into a box. You can choose a reusable decorative box or find a paper box that is the size of your quilt. Remember to fold your quilt and measure its dimensions before you head to the store.

5. Create a DIY Drawstring Bag to Hold the Folded Quilt

If you want to wrap your handmade gift in handmade wrapping, you can make a drawstring bag to hold the quilt! This is a super fun way to use up fabric scraps and it’s quite a simple process. Handmade gift wrap is an extra special touch that your gif recipient is sure to cherish. Plus, they’ll be able to reuse the bag so it’s almost like two gifts in one!

Here’s a quick tutorial to teach you how to make your drawstring bag.

Be sure to measure your folded quilt and take into account the height when you’re determining the measurements of your drawstring bag fabric panels.

Before you gift your quilt, remember to include quilt care instructions! It’s important to inform your gift recipient on how to care for their quilt. If you don’t, they may be worried about washing it and not want to use it. As quilt makers, we know that quilts are meant to be used and loved! 

Your handmade quilt deserves to be wrapped in beautiful wrapping. Now you know how to gift wrap a quilt and you have 5 unique ideas to choose from. Now you can gift your quilt with confidence and bring an even bigger smile to your quilt recipient’s face.

I’d love to see your creative gift wrapping on Instagram! Tag me @haileystitches so I can see your beautiful work!

xo, Hailey

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