Flosstube #9: Stitching & Quilting & Knitting (oh my!)

Join me for Flosstube number nine! You can watch the full video above if you missed it over on YouTube. Today’s video is filled with cross stitch, quilting, and knitting! I haven’t debuted a knitting project yet on my Flosstube channel, so I’m excited to introduce this new WIP to you all.

Flea Market Flowers

My current cross stitch WIP is Flea Market Flowers by Lori Holt. This floral pattern is soooo adorable (you know I love a good floral pattern!) and I’m so excited to get this one finished. I started this project for Maynia and intended to pick it back up with the Fat Quarter Shop’s #FleaMarketFlowersSAL. I fell a bit behind but I’m dedicated to getting this piece finished before I start up with another one. I’m going to try to stay monogamous, folks!

I substituted the majority of the colors that this pattern calls for and I went for a pink and purple theme. My substitutions are below:

Lori’s ColorsHailey’s Colors
DMC 347
DMC 3328
DMC 3712
DMC 760
DMC 761
DMC 922
DMC 729
DMC 471
DMC 937
DMC 3345
DMC 3814
DMC 993
DMC 598
DMC 597
DMC 322
DMC 08
DMC 07
DMC 29
DMC 3740
DMC 3041
DMC 28
DMC 3042
DMC 3726
DMC 3727
DMC 471
DMC 937
DMC 3345
DMC 223
DMC 152
DMC 225
DMC 224
DMC 3722
DMC 08
DMC 07

Serendipity Quilt

I purchased the Serendipity Quilt Kit and had every intention of keeping up to date with the #SerendipityQAL but ya know, life. I finally picked this WIP back up last week and finished the second row of the pattern.

Serendipity is Fat Quarter Shop’s charity quilt this year. The charity they are raising money for is Make A Wish Central & South Texas. They’ve already raised over $70,000 and they are still taking donations through their website. The quilt pattern is completely free so that you can donate your money that would’ve been spent on the pattern to Make A Wish.

The second row is all flying geese and I used foundation paper to help make my flying geese perfect. This foundation paper pad came with my quilt kit and I was a bit intimidated to use it at first. It’s actually one of the reasons why I stepped away from this quilt for so long! Once I dove in and tried it out, it wasn’t bad at all! I made a few mistakes at first, but then I got the hang of it and now it’s a breeze. I really love these foundation papers for flying geese. I’ve only done flying geese for one other project so I’m definitely not an expert and these papers give me PERFECT flying geese every time. It’s pretty amazing.

Stitch Quarterly Subscription

The most recent Stitch Quarterly showed up on my doorstep and I. WAS. THRILLED. This quarterly club happens few enough times throughout the year that I almost forget about it, but when it shows up I instantly wish it was a monthly club. This month’s theme is “Hello Summer” and it is adorable!

This month’s contents;

Hello Summer Cross Stitch Pattern
Navy 14 Count Aida
Floss Colors: DMC 666, DMC 721, DMC 738, DMC 16, DMC 3846 & BLANC
Project Bag
Needle Minder
3/4″ Finishing Dots
Size 26 John James Needle

You can sign up for your own subscription here! I LOVE this club.

PS: There are a limited number of the Hello Summer kits left. Grab one while you can!

Greenhouse Quilt

My Greenhouse Quilt (pattern by Elizabeth Hartman) came back from the long armer and I am SO HAPPY with how it turned out! The quilting is absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to bind it. This was my first time working with a long armer and my experience was great! There was so much communication between her and me and I felt like I knew exactly what was going to happen throughout the entire process. I worked with Tekstil Crave in Minneapolis. Follow me over on Instagram to see the final pictures once I get this baby fully finished!

Knit Pillow Mindful Making Kit

I am an affiliate with DMC and to celebrate their recent product launch, they sent me this Meditative Cushion Knitting Kit. I was so excited when I saw it was a knitting project because I haven’t casted on a new knit project in over a year. When I started this project, my knitting skills came right back to me like riding a bike! They have such a variety of kits available and these are a great way to try a new craft with no pressure. I’m totally going to buy a Punch Needle kit! One thing I love about these kits is that they are beginner-friendly while also being modern and usable pieces. Sometimes with beginner kits, I feel like they almost look too simplistic where I wouldn’t actually use the final product. These are super versatile and right on trend which I LOVE.

Shop the Mindful Making Kits here!

Fabric Storage

Lastly, I wanted to touch on my fabric storage. In my Flosstube I mentioned that I use large containers from the Container Store to organize my fabric, notions, and miscellaneous crafting supplies. When I’m storing fabric yardage, I roll it up on a comic book board and then store them upright in these large containers. It works perfectly for my space and I love that they come in several different sizes. I use the medium, small and extra small containers too!

I’ll be changing up my Flosstube schedule from bi-weekly videos to monthly videos. I’ve been working on broadening the scope of Hailey Stitches and that means I have less time for stitching, so I want to be sure I always have some quality progress to show you all!

If you’re not already, head over to YouTube and subscribe to my channel for more cross stitch and quilting videos!

xo, Hailey