What is a Fat Eighth of Fabric?

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A fat eighth is a cut of fabric that is 9” x 21”. This cut of fabric is popular among quilters because you can cut larger pieces from a fat eighth of fabric vs a regular eighth-yard strip of fabric.

Fat eighths are often sold in coordinating bundles. A common way they are packaged is as eighth-yard cuts of every fabric in a fabric line.

But fat eighth bundles aren’t limited to cuts of one fabric line. You can also get curated fat eighth bundles that feature fabrics from multiple lines of fabric. Curated fat eighth bundles are a great way to get cohesive fabric in a quantity that is usable for many designs and sizes of quilt patterns.

My favorite places to shop for fat eighth bundles are Etsy and Fat Quarter Shop.

Photo of brightly colored fabric in two stacks

How Big is a Fat Eighth?

A fat eighth is 9” x 21”, although the width can vary depending on the width of the fabric. Quilting cotton widths can range from 40” to 44”, which means the width of a fat eighth can range from 20″ – 22″.

Fat Quarter vs Fat Eighth

Have you heard of a fat quarter? While it sounds similar to a fat eighth, they are not the same!

A fat quarter is equal to 1/4 yard of fabric, and a fat eighth is equal to 1/8 yard of fabric. They both are cut “fat” so that larger pieces can be cut from them.

A fat quarter is cut into an 18” x 21” rectangle, and a fat eighth is cut into a 9″ x 21″ rectangle.

How Many Fat Eighths Are in a Yard

There are 8 fat eighths in one yard of fabric.

How Many Fat Eighths Are in a Fat Quarter?

There are 2 fat eighths in one fat quarter.

What Size is a Fat Eighth in Inches?

A fat eighth is 9” x 21”.

What Size is a Fat Eighth in Centimeters?

A fat eighth is 22.86 cm x 53.34 cm.

What is a Fat Eighth Bundle?

A fat eighth bundle is a package of fabric cut into 9″ x 21″ pieces. The fabric is typically from the same collection but it can also be curated from multiple different fabric lines.

The purpose of a fat eighth bundle is to get several 9″ x 21″ pieces of fabric. A fat eighth bundle is a great way to get small pieces of many different fabric designs.

You can easily build a fabric stash with fat eighth bundles or use a fat eighth bundle to make a scrappy but cohesive quilt.

How Many Pieces Are in a Fat Eighth Bundle?

Fat eighth bundles can include any number of pieces, but most fat eighth bundles include anywhere from 12 to 40 pieces of fabric.

How Do You Make a Fat Eighth?

Instead of purchasing a fat eighth bundle, you can cut your own from yardage! In just 4 cuts you can make 8 fat eighths out of one yard of fabric. Check out the cutting chart below for reference.

fat eighth cutting chart

I hope this helped clear things up! Head over to my Beginner’s Precut Guide if you’re interested in learning about more quilting fabric precuts.

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