Hailey’s Favorite Quilting YouTube Channels

YouTube is one of my favorite platforms to find crafting content. I especially love finding new quilting videos on YouTube! When I’m looking for a specific tutorial or general crafting knowledge, I always start with YouTube. Because of this, over the years I’ve subscribed to a bunch of crafting channels. As I was looking through my subscriptions, I thought you’d all enjoy these channels, too!

My list of favorites is always evolving as I find new creators to follow. YouTube is such a fun space for crafters because it gives us a large platform to share knowledge and techniques. The crafting world is quite robust on YouTube, but I’ve been mainly into quilting videos and cross stitch videos. Today I’ll share my favorite non-cross stitching channels because that will be a blog post all on its own in the future!

In no particular order, let’s get started!

Fat Quarter Shop

The first quilting videos on YouTube that I found were from Fat Quarter Shop. They are the first quilting channel that I subscribed to! Kimberly is so knowledgeable and Fat Quarter Shop is super generous with their free patterns and quilt a-longs. Their channel has a variety of tutorials and they do a weekly live stream on Fridays.

The video I linked above was right before they started the Sewcialites quilt along in the summer of 2020 and I remember really enjoying watching this live stream. Kimberly shows how she likes to trim her blocks and gives us a peek at her scrap storage. It’s quite long, but it’s great to throw on in the background while you’re quilting or stitching.

I also have to give a special shout out to Lily, the tech gal behind (and sometimes in front of) the camera. Her and Kimberly have great chemistry together!

Check out Fat Quarter Shop’s YouTube channel here!

Just Get It Done Quilts

Karen from Just Get It Done Quilts is a dream! She’s a wealth of knowledge and loves to share what she’s learned through her career as a quilter. The video I linked above is one of her most popular quilting videos on YouTube where she shows us her favorite dollar store sewing hacks.

At the beginning of 2021, she did a series on organizing and de-cluttering sewing spaces that I found super helpful. Plus, her hacks for small quilting spaces are so useful for beginner quilters who don’t have a ton of space to dedicate to their craft! You’ll love her to-the-point tutorials and if you want to get to know her a bit more intimately, check out her live Facebook Q&A’s (she uploads these to YouTube!).

Check out Just Get It Done Quilts’ YouTube channel here!


For our first non-quilty channel, I’m recommending TL Yarn Crafts! If you crochet, you’ve probably heard of Toni! If you didn’t know, my first taste of the crafting world was learning how to crochet. I love, love, love crocheting and Toni is a staple of that world. Her channel is filled with tips and tutorials for crocheters. I saw her making this afghan on her Instagram stories and I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve linked it above so you can enjoy it, too!

Check out TL Yarn Crafts’ YouTube channel here!

Melanie Ham

Melanie Ham is another crafting YouTube superstar! She taught me how to quilt with her Your First Quilt series and I’m forever grateful to her for creating this free series. She doesn’t only quilt, though! You’ll find a variety of sewing and crocheting tutorials on her channel, too! She’s got a great bubbly personality that instantly draws you in. I’ve binged her quilting videos on YouTube and you will, too!

The video I linked is one that I reference every time I bind a quilt. It’s a fantastic tutorial on machine binding that I would highly recommend if this is a skill you’ve wanted to learn!

Check out Melanie Ham’s YouTube channel here!

Angela Walters

You may know Angela Walters from the extremely popular Craftsy series The Midnight Quilt Show, or you may know her as an outstanding free motion quilter, either way, her channel is a must watch! While The Midnight Quilt Show is no longer active, Angela has re-booted the concept under the name The Midnight Quilter and it is truly fantastic. I love all of the patterns that she designs and it’s so fun to see how she free-motion quilts her projects. She’s got a great eye for design and quilting.

Angela does weekly live chats on her channel about a variety of quilty topics and her channel is a definite must-watch if you’re interested in learning how to free motion quilt. The video I linked above is the first episode of her series The Midnight Quilter. Bet you can’t watch just one of her quilting videos on YouTube!

Check out Angela Walters’ YouTube channel here!

BONUS CHANNEL: The Crafterpreneur

Ayisha from The Crafterpreneur is such a bright light and I LOVE watching her videos and following her on Instagram. She primarily sews garments and has an amazing eye for style and color. She has a Fabric Friday series that great to watch if you’re thinking about diving into fabrics other than quilting cotton.

Another series she does that is my absolute favorite is her Sew and Tell’s. Linked above is her Sew and Tell from the end of 2020. Also, be sure to check out her studio tours! She has the most creative ways to organize her fabric and notions. I’m constantly learning from her and I’m always so excited to see what she does next!

Check out The Crafterpreneur’s YouTube channel here!

A Quilting Life

Meet Sherri from A Quilting Life! Sherri’s soft and sweet personality is like a warm hug when you watch her videos. The video I linked above is one of the first quilting videos on YouTube that I saw of hers and WOW, her sewing space is gorgeous! She shares so many great tips on organization and storage. Sherri shares a bunch of tutorials on her channel along with in-depth tutorials for her free block of the month program. 

On her channel you can also find episodes of her podcast with her daughter Chelsi! Sherri and Chelsi work together to design fabric for Moda Fabrics and their knowledge of design brings such a unique perspective to the quilting world. I love the chemistry between them and it’s so nice to hear a podcast that is specifically related to quilting. Check it out if you want to add another podcast to your schedule! You can also find their podcast in audio format on Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Check out A Quilting Life’s YouTube Channel here!

Tiny Orchard Quilts

The next YouTuber that I love is Megan from Tiny Orchard Quilts. I’ve linked a super informative video where Megan shares her strategy to change the size of a quilt block! This is a fantastic tutorial for when you want to adjust a pattern or even create your own.

Her channel is filled with quilting tutorials and several videos feature patterns and blocks that she’s designed herself. Her channel has grown exponentially since I started watching her quilting videos on YouTube and she totally deserves it! 

Check out Tiny Orchard Quilts’ YouTube Channel here!

Pat Sloan

Another must-watch quilter is Pat Sloan. Pat uploads DAILY (truly amazing) and is a joy. Linked above is one of her most popular videos where she teaches how to put borders on a quilt without waves. Pat’s videos are more short-form than some of the other channels I’ve listed, so she’s a great option to watch when you don’t have a huge chunk of time. I just love Pat’s easygoing personality and I always feel so refreshed after watching her videos!

Check out Pat Sloan’s YouTube channel here!

Erica Arndt

If you’ve been watching quilting videos on YouTube, there’s a high chance that you’ve come across one of Erica’s videos. Erica has a ton of tutorials on her channel that feature a variety of crafts including quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting and she also has a wealth of videos about home schooling curriculum, if that’s of interest to you! Linked above is one of her tutorials that shows how to create a DIY ironing board. Definitely go to her channel to see all of the amazing videos that she’s created!

Check out Erica Arndt’s YouTube channel here!

There are plenty more crafting YouTubers that I watch and my list of favorites is always expanding. As I was writing this post, I realized most of my favorite channels have a lot of subscribers, and I’d love to support smaller crafting YouTube channels. If that’s you, link your YouTube channel in the comments below so I can follow you, too!

I hope my list has inspired you to check out their work and hopefully they can inspire your next project.

xo, Hailey

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